Interacting with custom class within 2d character blueprint?

Child of Paper Character. Can’t access functions within my class. Where to include my class? Tried in the parent, no result.

I want to call a function in my custom class from that blueprint. So, the other way around, I believe.

Are you asking how to get paper2D to work in your class?

oh so you already created something in your blueprint and your wanting to edit it in your class. Or is it a default function/variable from the blueprint?

Yes. I have my class with a public function within it, and a basic template blueprint of 2d character. When character overlaps the actor of my class, I want to call a function within that class from character’s blueprint.

Your problem is that you by default only get an “Actor” reference from most functions (aka overlap events, hit events, etc.)

Once you overlap and want to call this function you need to cast the “Other Actor” to your desired class.

Alternatively if you have a few objects which should interact in a similar way (you walk by and something happens) I would strongly suggest using a BluePrint Interface.

Here is two documentation pages on what interfaces are and how to implement them: