Interact with widgets using motion controller.

I want to press the buttons in UMG using motion controller but not by pressing buttons on it but rather touching the UMG buttons with the hand mesh. Any idea how to go about it? should i add a trigger volume to each button?

Hey, one way to go about that is certainly with a trigger volume, you could have a widget interaction on the finger and a trigger volume that encompasses the entire widget. Once the finger enters the volume then you can fire the widget interaction PressPointerKey function. The trigger volume would obviously have to wrap the widget as tightly as possible while leaving a bit of room for the finger collision to enter on the side in which the widget faces.

Like this:

And the widget interaction needs to be pointing in the direction the finger points.

Done something like that using the Hi5 VR gloves and yes, I also used the trigger box.
I remember that one of Epic’s dev suggested the use of the Index of the widget interaction to act as a finger and push the button…but honestly I never tried that, so you can give it a shot

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am trying to bypass the widget interaction, since there seems to be a bug that makes it impossible to use with Oculus Quest and Multi-View enabled.

Pretty sure there is no way to interact with 3D widgets without the WidgetInteraction component by default.

The “show debug” line of the widget interaction component doesn’t work with the multi-view option checked. Probably a bug.
The component itself still works fine, you can make your own “laser pointer” or just add a line to the controller to show is direction.

Thanks for answering wickerman123 and Tredigraph. I decided to go with box trigger instead, and not using widgetinteraction at all.