"IntelliSense engine is unable to function properly" Issue

Hello. I wanted to ask if anyone has come across the issue “There are too many errors for the IntelliSense engine to function properly, some of which may not be visible in the editor” and if there are any solutions to this?

I had a number of problems with Intellisense and eventually switched from VS to Rider for Unreal:

It works much better.

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Intellisense doesn’t play nicely with Unreal Engine’s source code because of the macros which are handled by the Unreal Header Tool/Unreal Build Tool. The Epic’s installation documentation for Visual Studio even recommends to turn off the Intellisense error list, which also increases the performances of Visual Studio.
What really matters are the errors/warnings you get in the output window when compiling the source code.


I was under the impression from this article that the VS team had addressed the issues to do with parsing the unreal macros:

At least, it seems surprising to me that they would put all this effort bragging about VS and Unreal integration and intellisense still doesn’t work with the macros.

Anyway, Rider works perfectly with the unreal macros and can even parse the blueprint-to-C++ relationships.

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