Intellisense and visual studio

We are a gaming college and our programming department has been having issues with the coding pipeline using c++, visual studio and intellisense.

We can’t seem to get this to work properly. Is there some kind of workflow or pipeline that we’re missing here. A step by step of how to set this up properly?



here is more detail:

intellisense tells you things are incorrect syntax even if they are correct
keeps you from building.

we have to turn off intellisense to get any work done
dont seem to be a way around it.

we have to rebuild the solution over and over agin to get it to work.

There is a known bug in 4.20.1 with the generated header files.

It will be fixed in 4.20.2 hotfix.

If you are talking about the Error List you can change the dropdown box at the top right from Build + Intellisense to Build only to ignore all Intellisense errors.

Intellisense does not work perfectly with all UE4 Macro and delegate calls, so your project files will have error highlighting even though they properly compile. I just ignore the highlighted errors because I still use intellisense hovering to inspect variables and methods.

Visual Studio’s intellisense doesn’t work correctly for UE4 projects. My advice is “visual assist” plugin. It has an academic license for students and faculties.

for people who is having problems with IntelliSense, my problem might help some others.
My IntelliSense was working on x86 but not x64

I tried everything to solve it but what had really happened was that I had overwritten the file “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0\ Microsoft.Cpp.x64.user.props
with the content from a colleague to build other project.

I added these lines which are the ones which screwed up my x64 Intellisense…


So all I had to do was to REMOVE THEM