Intel or AMD ?

I’ll buy new PC in a few days but I still can’t decide should I go with AMD or Intel processor. I heard that both Intel and AMD are good and should get the job done but also that one has some advantages over other in some areas. So which one is better (or maybe lets say more compatible) with/for Unreal?
Have in mind that I’ll pair that processor with GTX 1070 TI and if I’d go with AMD I would get Ryzen 7 2700x. So, should I go for more cores and threads but lower speed per core (AMD) or fewer cores and threads but faster core speed (Intel)?

Check out this link when you get a chance. It’s a good general guide for developers: Upgrading or building a new PC? This is the thread for you! — polycount

I’m an Intel guy all the way so I am biased. However, for UE4 development I’d go for whatever has the most cores.

Check this thread:

Thanks for sharing those links, I checked both threads, they were quite helpful.I’ve made my decision I’ll get AMDs cpu.


Feel like sharing your conclusions? Thanks… :slight_smile:

As I read from a link above, CPUs with more cores and threads can significantly increase baking and rendering speed. Also, multitasking is one of the main things I’ll do so more cores are must for me. Intel CPUs (at least ones that fit in my budget) have fewer cores and threads that can offer more core speed (which is better for gaming) but if I ever need higher speed I’ll overcome that with overclocking. So my pick is Ryzen 7 2700x, with 8 cores and 16 threads, great CPU for its price and will surely get the job done.
Just to add Don’t get me wrong, Intel also has great CPUs with some of them that are certainly better than AMD’s but for my budget and needs I think this is the right choice. Cheers!

I am very happy with my 8 core/16 threads from AMD and paid so few last year with Black Friday. I just built a NAS solution for my backups this month, so Im kinda broke now, but if I had a cash I would expend some cash on at least 1 TB SSD (M.2 or NMVe) to store the projects Im working on, which I can always move later to a slow media once done with them. If you don’t have one, I would take the savings from the CPU and invest on one, it is a life saver to speed up the project load times and for package builds.

Even though there shouldn’t be a difference between the two, I go with Intel.
I’ve had an AMD gfx card die on me in a Lenovo Y40. That’s never happened to me before.


Thanks for sharing… Related to this on the GPU side, Nvidia were in the news this week
For those shopping around, anyone seeing prices normalize now versus the crypto craze?

Prices went down on AMD GPUs, but same on nVidia. Only when the cards are going to appear on stores you can expect a GTX 1080Ti dropping prices to give room to new ones. I will still wait for maybe Black Friday or next year about April to put my hands on a new RTX card when prices are normalized. I really want to experiment the differences.

@NilsonLima, can I ask what kind of graphics card you use with your CPU? I’m mainly curious about gaming performance.

I got a GTX 1080 very basic with 1633MHz stock with 3 fans installed on it. The card with full OC I can reach around 1900MHz very stable and play… but for a gaming performance I think I can play Gears of War 4 at Very High settings at 90-100 FPS mostly. RotTR I think on most of the scenarios I get around 90FPS on High settings with nVidia hair on.

The cpu is a Ryzen 1700 oc’ed in 3.9GHz with water cooler 240mm, it is fast for most of Unreal needs when requires shader compiling, source code, light builds.

I’m buying 512GB SSD, can’t buy 1TB one atm but this is enough for now too.

It’ll be interesting to see if this prediction comes true… :slight_smile:

I will start pray for this immediately!

I hope this is true, fingers crossed