integration, example assets?

I watched the twitch broadcast and my question I posted in the thread didn’t get answered. I was wondering if there are any sample assets to showcase in the 4.3 preview build; such as trees, foliage, grass, etc.?


Hi ! We plan to make example assets publicly available when the final UE 4.3 is released. We have a small group who have subscribed to the Modeler preview that have access to the few assets bundled with it. If that’s of interest to you, please email

Hope this helps!

I’m interested. I’ll email you…

I got it and it works GREAT!!! :slight_smile:

Thats good to hear. Can you tell me a bit about it? Can you create a variety of trees, foliage, grass with it? Does it come with enough textures to create a variety of assets, or do you mainly have to import your own textures for leaves, glass blades, etc?

It has starter samples but not much :stuck_out_tongue: You will still need to import your on textures,bumps,ect… BUT you can make EVERYTHING trees,foliage,grass with EASE!!! Can add and adjest wind and wind speed. To much to list but you DONT need maya are any other modeling tool for this EVER…I made a Oak tree in less then 10 mins…And added to my game…

@, would be very nice to get at least a few models before the main release… :slight_smile: I think some people like me can’t just await to see some trees / vegatation in action…

The 5 (?) example trees you get with it is more than enough to learn the tool, you also get a bunch of textures to use if you don’t want to create your own. I’d say it’s better to learn to use the tool than use demo assets anyway so you’re better off using those examples to see how they made them and then learn to create your own.
It’s very, very straight forward and easy to use despite having hundreds of variables to tweak with. It’s amazing now and by far the best option for trees. I’ve completely dropped Forester that I think was the best option for lowpoly trees usable in unreal before. Now that so easily can create create good looking lowpoly trees, make perfect and very easy to adjust LOD levels, billboards and produce static meshes so it can be placed with the foliage tool, it’s just perfect.

Having recently got access myself (Thanks for notifying me of that Sitrec! :wink: ), I can say that I’m thoroughly impressed so far. There’s not huge amount of pre-made trees, but what you can do with the available sample assets is rather fantastic. The ability to wrap vines and the like around an imported mesh? Awesome!

Assuming you can model, you should be able to import additional branches, trunks and so forth. That, or you could wait and purchase additional assets from the store when they become available. I’m very interested to see what pricing structure they come up with for them.

Thanks everyone!

I subscribed but got no reply about the modeler.

Is it possible to make foliage and grass with the modeler, or is the current version only for tree creation?

You can create grass, too.

And just about any other foliage you’d want. I’ve seen cacti, vines, mushrooms, grass, bushes, corall, seaweed and so on made with .

I’ve seen make all sorts of foliage, but I wanted to make sure the current release allows for that before I sign up for the subscription.

It certainly allows for it. However, there’s no examples of vines, grass or the like in the Unreal Engine 4-subscription based as of yet. Hopefully they’ll include some samples of those when it’s officially released.

That’s what I needed to know, thanks.

It works fantastic, and finally vegetation is a walk in the park.
Big forests, everything is possible with this great tool, works great with LPV.

LOD´s work very nicely, if reasonable priced I will buy loads in the shop, since can use my time on terrain/models/infrastructure etc.