Integrating OpenGL with UnReal Engine

What opportunities are there to do this?. Basically, I’d like to render a OpenGL HUD-style display on top of a scene rendered by the UnReal Engine (using Android). I had assumed that this would be relatively simple, but I can’t find any way of achieving this. What are my options?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Have you looked into UMG?

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I’ve had a little Google on the subject of the UMG but it’s not obvious to me that this would allow me to integration existing C++/OpenGL code, unless I’ve missed something.

As a HUD is something common to almost all games and must communicate with internal game state, the standard approach is to use the game engine to create it.

There are several common approaches within UE4: UMG, Slate, Scaleform, etc…

What is the use case for you directly using OpenGL?

If that is what you want: You will probably have to get the engine source from GitHub and work from there.


I have existing OpenGL ES code that I need to use. All of the conventional HUD producing mechanisms I have seen depend on bespoke rendering APIs/interfaces (Canvas, etc…) which are not going to work for me. I note that this is possible with Unity.

What is so fundamental about the code that you HAVE to use it over UMG/Slate?