Integrating MetaHumans with ALS in UE5

I’ve been trying to integrate MetaHumans with ALS and I encountered a lot of issues in the process, I followed a video explaining how to do it but the only problem is that it’s meant for UE4 and not UE5.

The video: Integrate Metahuman with ALS (Advanced Locomotion System) Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

I got to the point where I add the AnimBP to the skeletal mesh, at 19:35, but when I do that all I get is a huge mesh in my face:

I can’t figure out why it is doing that, I appreciate any suggestions from you guys.


I am also having the same problem. I can’t find anything on it.

The problem seems to be the layer blending, I didn’t really get into this topic, and I don’t want to mess up the ALS, so I didn’t touch it, for now, I’m trying an alternative way to integrate MetaHumans with ALS.

I’m following this guide for now:
How to integrate MetaHumans with ALSV4 | Part 1/3 | UE4 - YouTube | Part 1
How to integrate MetaHumans with ALSV4 | Part 2/3 | UE4 - YouTube | Part 2
How to integrate MetaHumans with ALSV4 | Part 3/3 | UE4 - YouTube | Part 3

Very soon I’ll update if anything has changed and if it works, Note that not all the parts are necessary because you might not want your MetaHuman to ragdoll for example as part 3 implements/fixes the ragdoll.

Sorry if my English isn’t understandable, not my native language :).

Any update on this? I’m still struggling to fix this issue.

Not sure if this is going to help but maybe check this?
[ALS animation blueprint retarget in UE5 · Discussion #378 · dyanikoglu/ALS-Community · GitHub]