Integrate Nvidia VR Works SDK for 4.13?

Hi all, just watched Steam’s GDC talk about advanced VR rendering where many of the VR Works features appeared. I am working on a project in 4.13 that could benefit from from VR SLI & Multi-Res Shading. I have downloaded the VR Works SDK, I don’t understand how to combine it with a source build of 4.13 so I can take advantage of this tech for this project. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Download nVidia’s own integrations from and build that rather than trying to build your own, getting these to work together will be a lot of work even if you’re very knowledgeable about UE4’s renderer internals and the nVidia VRWorks setup.

They only have both integrated into 4.12, but you can at least have MultiRes in 4.13.

DK2 is working for me. Judder free vr is the greatest thing ever :slight_smile: I’m on a 3770k processor with two 980’s. My Frame Time (ms) is around 13.33 for both demos and normal fps 75 and 74.9
edit: ohh, both sets of numbers change dramatically when you enable the DK2 …when comparing to your recording …

Is there a log that says what is included in the 4.13 build other than MultiRes? Any news of when SLI will hit the 4.13 build?

Have you done comparisons from the unreal builds vs the nvidia build? Wondering what your performance gains are and if its worth compiling a 4.13 build.

VRWorks is a seperate branch that is still locked to 4.12 currently, I assume nvidia plans to port it to 4.13 shortly, it has the SLI, Single Pass Stereo, Lens Matched Shading, Multi Res Rendering, instead of just Multi Res Rendering.

Also Multiresrendering 1 is a huge perf boost, not to mention setting 3.

Wow,I will download and build 4.13 if it has all of these features. Looking forward to playing with this, thanks!

You misread me, it is currently 4.12, I assume they will update to 4.13 eventually.

There is a VRWorks workshop at Oculus Connect 3 this week …wonder what they will say

Accelerating Your VR Applications with NVIDIA VRWorks
10am Friday

Gotcha! I saw this 4.13 on github and I thought you were referencing that build. Got excited that I can finally use VR and SLI!

Same here, hoping there is an update on this and more new tech.