Integrate Face AR tracking and body tracking into Unreal Engine 4

Hi everyone.

Today, I have finished my demo project.

This is a demo for combine Face and Body from other mocap system to Unreal Engine.

I am using UE4 Version 4.20.

I used iPhoneX to capture and stream data to Unreal Engine. You can read it here: Face AR Sample | Unreal Engine Documentation

The body motion which we captured by Motive (Optitrack System) and using Motion Builder to stream into Unreal Engine.

This is the video link: Face AR tracking and body tracking intergate into Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

I hope you will like its.
Thank you.

Hey there,

Please can you tell me if you need to use an Apple Mac with XCode to acquire the data from the iPhone, or can the data be extracted directly to a win10 system.
I have a number of characters with facial rigs, and I’d like to record some animations upon them.
Well done on your ventures by the way.

All the best,