Integer not carrying over Replicated events?

The Client is calling an event that runs on server, it passes its playerId (did a local print string, registers the id correctly)

Then, for testing, the event on server prints the passedId (matches with the original ID)

Then, for testing again, the Multicasted event prints the originalId, but it passes as 0… tested with a hardcoded number from the initial event calling, still, ended with a 0 on the multicast printstring. what concept am i missing? whenever i try to pass other parameter by ref works fine, is it because of that? (strings end up as empty text too).

I haven’t tried to reproduce this locally yet, but it does sound like a bug. Have you tried to reproduce this on the latest version of UE4?

My bad, looks like this question was from last year. Idk why it appeared at the top of Answerhub for me…

You didn’t plug anything into the player Id pin on the multicast call from the server, so it’s 0 every time.