Instantiating/spawning the actor with the reversed dissolve effect

Im a begginer to gamedevelopment and UE4, and lately i’ve been tinkering around with materials in my learning project, where i put everything i can learn from tutorials, courses and stuff like that. So, i’ve made a “dissolving” material from a tutorial (screens below) in which i have a scalar that i can increase and decrease to give an effect of dissolving. I’ve been trying to find a way to actually, sort of, “animate” this mat so it is dissolving, but i couldnt find a way to do it properly. I wanted to put this effect when instantiating the prefabricated actor, so it would appear with a nice, reversed dissolve effect - and by reversed i mean, that is not actually dissolving but the opposite - i hope you can kinda get what i mean. How can i achieve effect like this? I would be grateful for an explanation and few tips, because it really bothers me, but at the same time i just want to tinker with that and create a cool effect. Posting a screen of the material itself and a prefabricated blueprint that i instantiate on a map. Thanks in advance and have a great day/evening!

You make a material instance from your material and control a ‘dissolved amount’ parameter from blueprint :slight_smile:

@ClockworkOcean thank you so much for your reply. I managed to do this thanks to your advice. It looks very good and satisfies me for now, thank you again :slight_smile: