Instant Swimmable Water

Instant Swimmable Water on UE4 Marketplace](


Thought I’d make a thread for anyone having issues or suggestions, also to post update progess and what not.

Here’s a demonstration video of what ISW does:


Update is now live!

I’ve been working on the shader a bit more, it has some more Surface/Underwater options than what’s currently out.

Also implemented a modular coral system that i’ve been working on. Here’s a preview of how it looks and works:

Bear in mind i will only include one of the meshes in this for ISW, but the blueprint tech will be all there.

I bought this, you just saved me a LOT of time brother thank you

When do you think it will be updated. I have my own water btw

No problem, just fyi what’s on there at the moment is severely outdated. There are improvements I’ve made to the materials, postprocess and buoyancy. I’m getting in contact with Epic about it, the water should look more like it does above.

No idea, i’ve sent an update request before it released and been sending requests again now. I wish i could update it on my own :frowning:

This look pretty sweet. Tapped out right now cause I just bought something else but I’ll be bookmarking this one. I could never figure out how to do swimming.

You know I always wondered why they do not let the creators update it, they already know they are legit as they approved it for marketplace so you should be able to push updates as you prefer lol

Thanks, hopefully the update will be live by then.

I agree, don’t think people would botch their own work and would probably take less effort to moderate than to go through every update request.

Yeah I’ve had some issues with this pack. I believe it may be due to Epic having released an older version of your assets, so I’ve held off in rating the pack, but as it stands now it doesn’t work.

I’ve been reading the comments on the Marketplace and have refrained from a purchase because of the reported issues.

When you describe this as “Instant”, my immediate impression is that it could be dropped into any project and work out of the box. Apparently, that is not the case?

Also, tutorials/documentation appear to be non-existent?

It works, it just doesn’t have some shader options I’ve put in and the updated version looks a lot better than whats on there.

Yes, you just drop into your project and it will work as long as you’re using UE4’s character class.

Documentation is the video, it shows how to set up water levels.

If this is the case and there’s no missing functionality from what you have versus what’s currently on the marketplace, then I have to say it’s most certainly not drag and drop. At least in my case. I’m using the UE4 Character blueprint and I’m not doing anything fancy. When I drop the water blueprint into my scene, it looks like fog. There’s no textures on the surface or underwater, and my character doesn’t react at all to the water volume. It just falls through until it hits the ground then walks around per normal.

I may just be doing some simple things wrong, but again, your documentation is incredibly weak. It only shows how to change basic water levels, and you play with features that we don’t actually have access to. I think you need to do some more testing.

The update is now live, so it should now have all the new features/improvements. Try adding a skylight to show the reflections better.

Not sure why it’s not working for you, make sure your character has overlapping events set to true and that the water blueprint overlap events are activating.

It’s now live, you should be able to update it from the launcher.

I thought this would have multiplayer support but unfortunately it doesn’t. I should of asked before buying really.

Have you any plans to replicate this? The code for the character doesn’t reside in the CharBP but in the WaterBP which I found a little weird it makes sense for how you have done it via overlaps.

Not so instant for Multiplayer games :confused:

No sale here, then.

We’re doing a multiplayer game. :frowning:

Are there plans to add shoreline wave action?

Also what does it exactly mean, it has no multiplayer support?

The character does not replicate out of the box, I haven’t tested other things like buoyancy etc…

You could easily get it replicated it’s just the logic for the character entering into the movement mode of swimming is not handled in the CharacterBP but handled in the WaterBP.

So you could set the Blueprint to replicate and replicate movement but I’m not sure how much unnecessary information is being replicated around. Also the Movement Input for swim up/down is annoying to replicate because it uses a float to affect impulse. If you have purchased you will know what I mean.

I was going to rework the player logic but using a sphere on the character to see if it overlaps with the water and do the calculations in there but then I guess this defeats the point of ‘Instant Swimmable Water’.

Hopefully Kelint can get back to us. Definitely a market for this.

It’s awesome, i buy it, but i have a big problem, i dont see the option for agree it to another project, only one option is possible, Create new project with ISW, i dont need that.

It`s ok i solved it thank you.