Instant Swimmable Water

Has a good lookin material
Has reflections!
Has Physics!
You can swim in it!

This here ppl is the real deal!

Can’t wait to see the multiplayer modifications. Shoreline wave detail is a good idea, yeah.

Amazing fob. i need this also. i want buy it but i dont want that character can jumps when he is in water. and when we want go out from water, i want that he climbs ,not jumps. Do you know how to make it,if yes, i would buy it. Because i am trying to make something like tomb raider.

my tutorial for multiplayer support is now live

If you want You can add it to your project as a duplicate Water BP, e.g Multiplayer_WaterBP, as the base works great for SP already. I may make a tutorial on how to make the spline link with the physics volume so that water levels are replicated.

Hey, got a nice big update. What was in it?

Oh, please do the spline link tutorial!

Might be water currents update

Currently 50% off as of today

I bought the asset and it’s pretty nice!
However I’m still trying to figure out how to merge it with my character. It works perfectly with the UE4 character, but not with mine. As a matter of fact he doesn’t swim once he’s in the water.

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You have no idea how to create or modify characters or use blueprints?
The problem is that you dont even have the basics of unreal engine or game development.

Hey, we getting a 4.14 update for this any time?

Works just fine in 14.4, you can install it to 4.13 then copy/past the folder into a 4.14 project.

I wouldn’t recommend this method, you should always migrate, rather than copy/paste.

Hey, updated to 4.14 when my back was turned! Thanks!

Complete overhaul update incoming, being my first marketplace asset I’ve decided to go back and revamp, polish and work on the presentation aspects of this project. Details in video.

Cool, looking forward to the update.

Another thing which would be nice, since I use the Beach Wave package too, an option to disable only the surface visuals.

Cool! Looking forward to the update!

Hi, nice product by the way.
I want to know if these day you have included the Multiplayer/replication result of your tutorial?

Have you done a spline replication tutorial?

i started a regular , plain third person project and he does the same thing , sinks to the bottom and walks.

I managed to get my character reacting to the water by setting collision to “pawn” . Cant get switches working though . where is your interact(E) logic in your project? It looks like its tied in with switch event, but i cant get my character to interact with switches. I put an interact input (E) in my project but no help. switch turns blue and says press " E" , but nothing happens, im in 4.19