Instant Rain Particle

Hello I wish to know if there is a way to begin a particle already on a stage For Example I’m making a menu with rain and I want to start the level with a heavy rain and not see the start of it,dropping down.

If you select the blank space to the right of your emitters in cascade you can get the Particle System properties which will have a WarmUpTime property. Set this to an amount of seconds that it usually takes your system to get up to speed.

Thanks for the answer but I change the values and save but nothing seems to change

Couldn’t you use a fade-from black effect? That way the rain emitter will get enough time to emit enough particles and you wotn see the starting stages of the eimtter?

Anotehr thing you coudl try is to keep the emitter always ON and set its visibility to false. When you menu comes into view, change its visibility. I must admit, I did not try this myself.

Thansk for answering I’ll try to make it always On and change the visibility, but I can’t find an option to do that

Try making it a blueprint and add the emitter as a compoenent inside it. You can hide or show the blueprint easily within Level blueprint or anywhere else you need to

Warmup time on the ParticleSystem properties is the correct method for doing this. If your max lifespan of any particle is say 4 then set warmup time to 4.

This increases memory usage.