Instances of InstancedStaticMeshComponent not showing In Game but do show in Editor

So, I have looked at 5+ forum posts to come up with the code and results I have at this moment but I am still not achieving the desired result here.

I am developing a game in C++ and I am attempting to use the InstancedStaticMeshComponent to draw 20 of the same Static Mesh in my game. The code below is written within my GameModeBase C++ class.

The relevant header code:


The relevant cpp code:


Which produces the correct result during simulation:

But not while actually playing the game (in the editor, standalone, or otherwise):

But the instances do exist in game because my UE_LOG shows this and my character’s Spring Arm is blocked by these invisible objects:


In conclusion, I have been attempting to solve this problem for hours now and no forum topic seems to be able to provide the relevant information that I seem to be missing. Any help is appreciated.