InstancedStaticMesh on IOS for OPENGL ES2- not supported yet?

As I found out from this topic this feature was not supported on OpenGl ES2 at Mar 2014. But UE 4.4 release notes tells “New: Added support for Foliage Instanced Meshes on mobile devices.” So will Epic plain to support instancing for staticmesh on mobile as well as they support for foliage ? If plain, what are the approximate dates?
Or can you give some notes that would help to implement this feature by myself?
I have tested on IPad mini(first generation) with IOS 8.1
Thanks for attention…

This should be working as of 4.4. Feel free to open an answerhub ticket if it doesn’t!

To clarify: OpenGL ES 2 (non-Metal devices) will now actually render the instanced components using emulation (they didn’t used to render at all!).