"InstancedFoliageActor_0 The total lightmap size for this InstancedStaticMeshComponent is large

Hello all,

I recently started looking into game development and following along some YouTube tutorials. After making the first level (~60x60 relatively small map) I added foliage as I saw fit, trees, 2 types of bushes, 2 types of grass some rocks from starter content and OWD and after a while I was not able to build lightning. I got a long error log containing instances of the following:

“InstancedFoliageActor_0 The total lightmap size for this InstancedStaticMeshComponent is large, consider reducing the component’s lightmap resolution or number of mesh instances in this component”

As I understand it, it means I have too many trees in my scene. I don’t think this is realistic, since I’ve seen much more trees in UE games. I must be doing something wrong when I add these assets, but not really sure what.

A bit more than this much foliage I have.

  • Can someone point me towards a good resource to explain the “proper” way of adding foliage?
  • Is this message indicates a limitation in my computer (eg. cannot build lightning, because my computer doesn’t have enough computing power or RAM) or this is problem on the engine side (eg, the engine cannot handle that much foliage). Or perhaps it is a problem with how I build the foliage? Does it not need to cast shadows or there’s a setting to reduce load? I mean I’m watching it via preview quality, so it should not be such a huge graphical stress…

When I click on this it selects the whole vegetation in my scene, but I cannot see any option to do anything meaningful with it. I can merge it, although it doesn’t make any difference. Yesterday, after a few hours of frustration, I ended up deleting that whole foliage mass, and after that the lightning was built successfully, but still, I would like to understand what I do wrong.

Thanks for the answers.