Instanced Static Meshes affecting NavMesh (C++)

I am using Instanced Static Meshes to procedurally generate dungeons for my university project. I have created an actor to serve as a variety of meshes to make a room module but whenever the player walks on them the movement is clunky/buggy and areas cannot be accessed at all.

Whenever I drag the module into the editor and show the navigable areas the whole room can be navigated but during run time there are inaccessible places within a room. Is this a problem with Instanced static meshes? This problem does not exist with regular static meshes.

Have you changed any property of your NavMesh?

I’ve only fiddled about with it to try and get it working but nothing that made it break in particular.

Have you set the ‘Build on Run-time’ flag?


Could you check if you got any holes in the mesh when playing?

Yeah, that’s ticked. The issue isn’t that the player cannot move at all but rather gets stuck where he shouldn’t. It’s the default 44x92 character from the starter content.

There’s no holes in the moveable area as the meshes overlap by 1cm.