Instanced Static Mesh for VR

Hi All!

I was wondering if using instance static mesh would help optimise scenes for VR. To clarify, I’m not talking about the instance stereo VR checkbox thing, I mean for objects within the scene itself. For example, I have a train with several of the same seat in the level, I can just instance static mesh them with a blueprint, but will that just ease load times or will it help the overall performance when using a headset for VR??

I’d think that it would work as it’s supposed to.

As long as you don’t change materials or move the mesh instances there should be some performance boost.

Could you just test this with a simple setup and report back?

I imagine a scene with 1k seats as regular and then as instanced meshes.

Yeah I think it should work too, it certainly helps in the editor in terms of performance.

I will give it a go against a similar scene with and without instances and report back. Though if anybody else has tried it and knows the answer please still let us know.