Instanced object not showing available classes

Hi everyone! I have a UObject that I called Item to act as a base class for the items in my game. I also have placeable blocks in my game that take in these items as a recipe. However, when I go to put in the recipe items it does not show any sub-classes or classes that can be instanced, even though they all have “default to instanced” on. Is this normal?

Above: Example of the picker not showing classes

Above: Recipe definition (array of instanced objects)

Above: Declaration of the instanced class

You may want to try closing the editor and building from your IDE. Live coding can do some weird things.

Yes, I use the Rider IDE and always re-build before. I haven’t trusted live coding since my early learning days.

I solved it, I needed to add the EditInlineNew tag in the UClass().

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