Instanced indirect api's

So I’m coming from Unity where indirect instancing is fairly straight forward. I’ve not been able to find much of anything on this for UE with a quick google search.

Specifically I’m looking to implement a flow I did in Unity where we have a custom foilage system that is dynamic and we stream in instance data on a very granular level. So we do partial updates of gpu buffers where we do gpu lod/culling and then the final update to the rendering buffers.

Any links to the appropriate api’s or posts on how this flow works in UE would be very helpful.

A bit late but here’s a resource I created to help with this: Indirect Instancing | Shadeup

It should help to provide a starting point at the very least.

You can also dig into the Virtual Heightfield Mesh Component Plugin in the engine source

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Hi Jeremy
Real cool plugin Shadeup. But a little more guidance on how to use the Instanced Indirect examples would be nice :wink:
Step 3 is Create or navigate to an existing Blueprint… and so what to do there? I tried same as with the compute shaders, tried looking for some execute node, but couldn’t find any.
Could you add a bit more info or maybe a screen like in the Compute shader docs?

anyway thanks for the plugin!

Edit: ah ok i see it’s an actor component! just need to make a blueprint out of it and attach to an actor in the scene.