Instance Static Mesh Replication

Hey guys,

I’m having issues with my building system that uses instance static mesh components for the building parts, the main problem is that removing the meshes from the instance component, my clients will be able to remove instances from the component but it wont update on the screen so as far as the server is concerned the part has been deleted but the client still sees the mesh there.

I have tried alot of different work arounds to the fact that instance static meshes dont replicate and have always had some sort of issue with the system.

Does anyone have any work arounds to the problem of instance static mesh components not replicating, that also work with removing the instances.

Thanks guys

As far as I know replication is not supported for ISMs or HISMs. But maybe this can help you! I myself struggle with updating instances at runtime for different clients, maybe there’s some information that can help you!

I’ve found a good work around to the issues I was having by removing instances using there location which is the same on both server and client and it seams to be working well.

The main issue I was having was that the instance index was different on the server and client as well as having different instance static mesh components.

Would you have the time to explain how you accomplished this work around?

The RemoveInstance bp node takes an index. Are you doing this in C++?

The way i got around it was doing a small trace on the location of the instance on both the server and client then told them to both delete their versions of that mesh. This did work but its clunky and gave me alot of issues so i have stop using it.

I was using bps to do this.