Instance mesh in editor, not in blueprint?

Hi All,

can I make an instance of one of my meshes just in the editor?
Ie not a Copy but an actual instance.
I know I can do it in blueprints but if I am populating my level I feel i want to do it manually by hand rather than have to script placements of the various sub-assets.

Am I missing something?


You can manually place the instances in a blueprint, I do it all the time for making modular factories and such. it does get a bit tedious though. If you’re familiar with any kind of scripting and would like to help out, we’ve been looking at making some kind of script to convert the copy-paste data from the editor viewport to ISM actors in a blueprint over here.

Ah ok that’s how you do it. Great thank you. I didn’t realise you can manually transform inside the blueprint.
To be honest that is probably going to be enough for me in the first level I am re-building now.

Although it is probably going to be a pain when I have to place things in relation to other things.
How do you usually deal with that? Will I have to keep going back and forth between the blueprint view port and the game editor viewport to make sure things end up right?

I just looked at the video and that looks very interesting. I’d have to test it to see how the undo/redo feature works when you have more than one ‘sets’ of instanced meshes.

It’s great that I think he is also providing the source code so I wouldn’t find myself locked out of upgrading because I have to wait for someone else. I am trying to delay as much as possible introducing c++ to my project so I’ll see how long I can do without this. Looks very interesting though.