Install Foliage


Excuse me as I am a newbie and a starter at this engine.
I tried google but it wasn’t of any help… So, how can I install correctly this at my current project?
I tried C:/Users/Innos/MyDocuments/UnrealProjects/CurrentProject and pasted the folders(only the Files folder and the folders that were in the content folder) that were in the downloaded zip there but they don’t show when I open up my editor.
I also tried, having open the editor to drag and drop the files there but I got multiple errors saying that they cannot be imported
So it seems I did sth wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Are you able to provide any screens as its a bit confusing as to what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to copy assets from one project from another, you can click on the “content” with the project open, right click, mirgrate, yes, find your project in your C drive, find the content folder and click ok.

Reload UE4 and all should be there :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the response!

I am trying to install this free asset-project(dunno how to specify it)-which I showed on a link above- on my project. If I do the migration as you said above, will my project remain intact and I will just adopt the files and folders from the project I downloaded so I can use them on my project?

Hi Yes the migration will jut add the files to your current project :slight_smile: its the quickest and easiest way because it keeps all the textures in place!

Thanks very much! That helped me a lot! I will try it as soon as I’ll be on my pc.
One final question, if you download the zip (from the link I posted above) I will have to migrate only the content folder? I am asking that because if you download it you’ll see that it has more folders than just the content and dunno if these are important.

You can only add the content folder and it will all work yes…

but if you load up the demo map and use the migration tool, it will work like a dream :slight_smile:

So on all of these assets I must open their project and from there do the migration right? It can’t be done from my project?
Also as I see on the documentation, only files can be migrated and not entire folders, so how will I go around that with all those folders the content folder contains?

Thanks a bunch again!

Can’t believe how naive I am… On the link, if you scroll down it has a tutorial for migration…

Hope you sorted it!

Yep, there is my tutorial about that topic. When you follow it step by step, it should work :slight_smile: