Inside Unreal | Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never Kickoff

Awesome guys

AWESOME!Looking forward to this!


Who what where when?

Looking forward to putting something together for this! Having these two gentlemen judge is a privilege! Love your work Pasquale and William!

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YouTube I likes you videos keep trying bro you dont know me …:grin:

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My chat text can be strange for pro dev . They can be thought i am a chance claimant importune person . My comunication text is real don`t contain any demends of chance. I am shy person too but …:sweat_smile:sry . See you all in light event bye :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I love this community so much, good luck and have fun guys! :innocent:


Why are Brazil and Montreal out of it?

Are we allowed to us Megascan Assets?

How do I prove I’m a student? What if my classes have not started yet but I am enrolled?

I know the submission description says that the submission video length can be a maximum of 30 seconds but some posted more than 30 seconds videos. Can it be longer than 30 seconds, maybe 45 or 60 seconds?

Hi @Tina_Wisdom , I do have a few questions regarding the official rules. It seems the difference between a non-winning entry and a winning entry is granting the Sponsor and its licensees a “non-exclusive” vs “exclusive” license to use the entry for any purpose.

  1. Does this mean that winning entries cannot be independently posted on the Entrant’s Artstation, website, portfolio, or YouTube channel without the permission of Epic Games?

  2. Additionally, does the artist retain all rights to any fully-original IP used in the submissions, or is the original IP considered “licensed” to Epic Games to “prepare derivative works of” that may include (but is not limited to) developing a future game that incorporates the artist’s original IP – without requiring further permissions or compensation to the original artist?

Thank you for any clarification on this.


The submission needs to be made specifically for the challenge, as in a previously made work can not be entered as a submission. That’s what the exclusivity pertains to. Artists are more than welcome to post their work wherever they want to, it just had to be created within the challenge timeframe for the challenge specifically.

By entering your submission you are granting us and sponsors permission to use the imaging. So for example, if we wanted to include a submission video before a livestream as part of a countdown we could do so, etc. with credits still being given to the artist, of course.

Hopefully that makes sense!

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Yes! :slight_smile:

No, the video submission cannot be longer than 30 seconds, or it is disqualifiable. You’re more than welcome to make longer videos for your own personal use but the challenge submission can’t be longer than 30.

I apologize for my mistakes . I still need learning for more knowledge . I promise I will try next challenge . :pray:

Thank you, @Tina_Wisdom ! That’s good info to know. To clarify, does a previously-made work only refer to a complete project, or does it also include individual assets which may have been previously made by the artist (ie. a character, a vehicle, a building, etc)? In other words, must all “sourced assets” be 3rd-party creations, and any individual assets made by the artist must be created within the contest timeframe? Thanks!

It’s all right I believe this post answers the question: Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never - #87 by SkyeEden

To clarify, previously made assets are completely fine to use within your submission project; the same for assets you own or have permission to use.

However, any projects previously made by a group of people would not qualify. For example, say you have been working on a game with several people and have all contributed to this (a scene, for example). It would not be considered an individual’s submission and would not be eligible.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the clarification! :slight_smile:

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