Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

Hey! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your upcoming studies! Unfortunately, though, you would have to be currently/actively enrolled to be able to enter as a student. Though please, feel free to join as a non-student! We would love to see your work. :slight_smile:

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You most certainly can! :slight_smile: Please note this in your submission. Thanks!


Yes, you may use them, though this would have to be mentioned in your submission post.

I hope this clears that up! :slight_smile:

Hi @SkyeEden I have another couple of questions.

  1. are we allowed to use assets from other websites like Big Medium Small, to design the level?
  2. If I render out .exr sequence and just convert them into a .mov from any software (e.g. - Nuke ), will I be disqualified?
  3. although sound is not a factor for this competition still I would love to use one of my Royalty free music to the MRQ output. So are we allowed get only the images/video output from MRQ and then merge the music file in Adobe Premiere or any editing software separately?
  4. Once again this question, to keep all my Questions in one place : Are we allowed to upload the Artwork in other platforms like Artstation, Linkedin, Instagram, during the Challege period ?

Thanks in Advance


Hey @EvseyJohn

You can specify the tag when you create your submission post. See below;



Participants can use any assets they own or have the right to use- if they were made before the event or are non-original, they must be cited on the submission post.


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Of course! We would love to see your work on Artstation or social media platforms! The submission itself will have to be in the way of the forum post, but you totally can showcase it outside of the forums too! :slight_smile:


Hi, and thank you for the question, @MartinVanners! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the only permitted use for post-production software is to add an audio track to your video if you used Movie Render Queue to output due to the complexity of adding audio that will export with MRQ. Any other additions or changes are not allowed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @thesailorman03! :slight_smile:

  1. Yes you are permitted to use assets that you own, however, if these are non-original and not created within the event timeframe, they will need to be cited in your submission post.
  2. Your video file should be encoded directly from Unreal only, using any methods in the documentation. We reserve the right to ask you to provide a screen recording of running the render from Movie Render Queue.
  3. There are ways to add audio to your render in Unreal Engine, even if you use Movie Render Queue. This can be done with FFmpeg and the Movie Pipeline CLI Encoder. Below is a part of the documentation that mentions this.

That being said, we’ve concluded that currently, the documentation doesn’t fully cover this. The only documentation is from the FFmpeg project. We have concluded that participants may use post-software to add the audio to their render-we reserve the right to see a screen recording of the scene running inside Unreal Engine.

Please also keep in mind that audio is not an element that is being judged.

  1. Yes, you are welcome to, and are encouraged to upload the artwork to other platforms such as Artstation, and other social media during the Challenge period. Please note, that posting to these platforms does not count as a submission, and the submission itself needs to done in this forum category as per the Official Rules.

I hope these answers help! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing and to the point. Thank you @SkyeEden . Also didnt knew Unreal has a encoder inside! Brilliant! Thank you for informing me. Have a great day sir.


Ok, thanks for your fast response!

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Hey can i compete in the uk? idk how the prize money would work there.

This is more of a technical question about MRQ. I get the following error messages when I’m trying to render out my sequence : “not all frames were fully submitted by the time rendering was torn down. Some frames will be missing.” Then it does not render anything. Any ideas?

Thank you for your patience with answering questions and effort :slight_smile:

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Hey! :slight_smile:

You can enter if you are residing in an eligible country (as per the Official Rules). Concerning prize money, this would be slightly dependent on exchange rates.


Hey, folks!

We’ve added the tag “Student-Entry” for this category. If you a student submission, please use the tag along with the ‘BetterLightThanNever’ tag.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can I submit 1080x1920(Portrait) rather than 1920x1080(Landscape)?

Hello, can we use in our scene a grabbed 3d satellite data from google maps or is that a no no? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Hi there! I’m currently having some issues with my camera not working with the movie render que. If all else fails, can I use Nvidias Geforce Experience recorder to record my monitor as my final video output?

Unfortunately, the final output has to be from Unreal Engine directly.