Inside Unreal: Prototyping Sailing Mechanics

Youtube Link? I don’t Use Twitch

It comes out on Youtube after the stream.

This week: We’ll teach you how to make a game from scratch so you can follow along.

Reality: First you make this boat in Maya, then you texture it with handmade textures, then you just add water by making a BP with 100 nodes that we’ll go too fast on, and then you take this asset off the marketplace that costs money and after all of that your game is done.

Oh! I am super excited for this one!

ditto all of the above…

Interesting ! should be an interesting stream indeed !! :cool:

Awesome! Just started learning Unreal and really haven’t found too many tutorials online. This looks like fun!

thank you im exited

does everything really have to go to Twitch
Someone please tell me this is coming to YouTube

no, c++ is way harder, but I would like to learn, so yea and no. I dunno…

This looks so cool !.

More of this Blender to UE stuff please.

Hopefully throw in some live link capabilities as well.


When will it start?

I am excited to work on this project and waiting for quick verification.

I don’t care how this goes down: assets, no assets, freely available samples, paid-for marketplace, whatever. I am SOOOO in for this! ^^

Actually, per others’ call outs, if there ARE external assets that will be used and necessary to follow along with the project, I don’t feel that it would be a particularly disastrous idea to include a link or links to the OP. I mean, I’ve actually seen one or two of these so far and realize the pace can start out casually. Still, just sayin’ :wink:

This is for people who dont know programming???

Hey, thanks for this!
Any chance this is re uploaded on youtube?

After cutting out around 40 minutes in – will this get finished and restreamed?

Ooo. Missed this, anyone know if these are recorded as well?

Is the project going to be a C++ project? it would be really cool to see that. Or see how you would go about creating C++ implementation after implementing blueprints?

wow placool