Inside Unreal: MetaHuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-based app that empowers anyone to create photorealistic digital humans, fully rigged and complete with hair and clothing, in minutes. This week we’ve invited members of the team behind the unprecedented tool. We’ll reminisce on the background of how MetaHuman Creator came to be, show you first-hand how to use it, and explain what goes on underneath the hood!

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .

Thursday, April 22 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Aleksandar Popov - Art Director
Chris Evans - Lead Technical Animator - @epicchris
James Golding - Technical Director - @EpicJamesG
Nina Ward - Product Manager - @EpicNinaWard
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

MetaHuman Creator Early Access

Youtube Video


Noice! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. The future looks good.

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I hope that that the models are as detailed as cc3. I can’t wait

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Sooo why is it cloud based?

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mate I had a little play last night its Banging you get 1 hour slot and have to wait 1 min to crack on again that makes you realis how quick it is because you have been staring at your work for the last half hour it stomps all over CC3 not refined yet ether so give it a try and leave some feedback for the team to help improve the interface :smile:

MetaHuman Creator taps into a vast library of content that would be extremely difficult for most people to store and run locally. Thanks to Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming, artists can use the cloud to customize characters, process data, and export assets with minimal local computing power.


Looking forward to it.

[Question] how about to use the meta human for more “mature products” i means games where you can have sex scenes??, they have a “naked” skin version?? they have gens?? is gonna possible create games for this sort of segment using metahuman?, games like gta where you have some sex interactions and all? or they are full family friendly?

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Awesome stream! It’s the first one I’ve attended live, great job guys! I learned a whole lot. I’ve loved using the MetaHuman Creator so far. I got Early Access very quickly and ended up starting my YouTube channel, Outcast Gamedev, with a video on the Metahuman Creator. The sculpt mode makes so much more sense now that I understand that it is using a database!

Are there plans for more skin customization options in the future? The MetaHuman creator blows Reallusion’s CC3 out of the water IMO, but a skingen competitor would solidify MetaHuman’s victory.

I can’t wait to see what comes next for the web app!


[Question] Sorry if this was answered earlier. Was there an answer to best practice around retargeting? I’d love to know what the best practice is vs. the pose asset. Pose assets weren’t supplied in this release.

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I really hope they will release this as a download and stand alone program to use in ue.
I would rather buy a 1 tb fast drive just for this and two 3090 if needed just to run this program without the need for extreme over the web lag… Also the ability to not be connected to the internet would be awesome.

This is AWESOME can’t wait to use my own character ingame

I’m using Facecap and Rokoko with FBX imported facial capture. I’ve used the retarget manager to take my FBX and transfer it to the MetaHumans face skeleton, but when I drag the Animation sequence onto the Face animation track in Sequencer I get no facial animation. My knowledge of pose assets, and how to retarget morphs is lackluster. How would one go about this? Most of the training online goes over live capture, which does give us the fidelity we desire, or is undesirable in many of our use cases.


Error Could not export asset with id 8b41kIMo to Maya because it does not have source assets

Wow, these metahumans look absolutely amazing in realtime raytracing! I’m definitely moving my character workflow over to using them.


Do you plan on adding viseme blendshapes for the face? I’ve been using the oculus lipsync plugin up to now and would love to use it with metahumans.

If not, how would I go about creating the blendshapes myself? Would I have to do it in Maya?

Also, are the metahumans compatible with the Omniverse Audio2face application?

Are there plans for more skin customization options in the future?

Specifically what kind of options would you like to see?

We are working on the retarget assets, and additional documentation for retargeting, right now!


Ok i have one question about this meta Human, there is a line in user agreement and also in quixel bridge which states that it is forbidden to use deep learning and user data and Aİ technology. i kinda feel confused here, if i use this product in my game and create an Ai behavior i violated the rights or what ?
i would be so glad if someone could answer me. Thank you

Small details like moles, pimples, perhaps some birthmarks, scars… Things along those lines.

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