Inside Unreal: Lyra Walkthrough Q&A

Join us this week as we sit down with some of the developers of the incredible Lyra starter game! Designed to be a comprehensive and educational starting point for game development, it’s packed with cool new features and impressive tech that will make your next project feel like a breeze - as well as teach you some important fundamentals of the new engine. Come hang out and ask our panel questions!

Thursday, April 28th @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown



Michael Noland - Principal Engine Programmer - @joatski
Simone Lombardo - Senior Technical Artist - @epic_simone
Tina Wisdom - Community Manager - @TheUnWiseTina

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .


Nice, we’ll get a live :innocent:

I have a bit of troubles with Lyra in general, I’m really excited about this live !

Attributeset : I see how they work but I don’t understand how can I have different attributes per character. Since its fixed inside the cpp I don’t see how can I have “A” character with 200 HP and B to have 100 HP.

Player character : I feel like Lyra is build in a way where only the mesh/skin is supposed to change between players thanks to “Parts” but everyplayer run the same pawn. From UE4 4. 26, I’m used to subclass a base_character and granting childs different abilities/attributes wich seems to work differently in Lyra.

I would love to see you on these topics during the live or Q&A.

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is amazing! Thank you! lol I actually made a post asking for this right after UE5 dropped.
No one was able to answer any of my questions there, so I’ll just copy paste it here…

Not sure if this first question is in the scope of the Q&A, if not it’s totally fine.

How would you add a FPS view?
How would you go about adding a first person view to the Lyra characters? I’ve only seen maybe one or two videos on youtube with people trying to do this and they are… Not great. One that I can remember was involving importing the FPS template arms, adding the arms to B_TinplateUE4, hiding the mesh and setting a bunch of stuff for visibility, and then adjusting the CM_ThirdPerson curves a little bit to kind of make it look first person… But then you have some really weird viewing/aiming issues especially if you are aiming up, down or, well, just not looking directly center of the screen basically. But everything with the Lyra characters is so different, I’m not sure of a decent way this would be done. I’ve been trying to copy the ALS camera system hoping that might work, but it’s been problematic.

Whats the point of the Invis skeletons?
You have the B_Manny and B_Quinn, and their invis skeletons… There are a few things going to it, cosmetics, vfxmacros, etc. But why not just put that in B_Manny/Quinn? Whats the point of the invis skeletons?

Whats the point of the CopyPose ABP?
I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do, it just has an animbp that goes to the skeleton w/ animations. I’m still not entirely sure how or why. The only reference to the CopyPose is the Skeleton which has the animations. So whats the purpose of the CopyPose?

Why have C++ UI elements?
Maybe I just don’t know anything about UI (Wouldn’t surprise me tbh) lol but I’m a little confused on some of these. In the shooterhud, everything is either just using other widgets which have the blueprints - I get that. But the other things like the reticle… ExtensionPoint_Reticle which is obviously just in C++, and just there for the tag. Wait. Are these GAS related somehow?

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I have some questions:

1- ​How can I add maps and heroes with XP and upgrade systems?
Also, add Hero and Weapon customization system.

2- How To Migrate Lyra Shooter ONLY to another project with game mechanics intact?

3- What files can be deleted from plugins folder to shrink its size?

4- Steps needed to package Lyra for online multiplayer for PC and PS4-PS5?

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-It a huge project so we like to know the structure of the project to be able to find where to start and how
to modify it for different gameplay for example ?
-IT will be great to know how to setup Lyra for online gameplay through EOS , and if there are plans to
support Steam multiplayer or other platforms too ?

  • Are there any plans to support VR dev too for Lyra ?

thanks for the development team :green_heart:


Looking forward to it. I have a few questions:

  1. Where is the left-hand IK offset information stored and controlled? I have custom weapons that require left hand adjustment.
  2. What is the roadmap for Lyra? Can we expect more features?
  3. What is the correct workflow to change animations from TPS to FPS controller?
  4. What is correct workflow to add shorter characters? Animation layers are not being scaled down with retargeting pose node, so weapon stay floating in the air. It is possible to add weapon offset per character?
  5. What weapon customization settings can be called in runtime?
  6. How to proper change the Ability Level in runtime?

Thank you, Epic team, for such incredible gift.


look forward to live session :slightly_smiling_face:

Super excited for this :slight_smile:

I do have some questions though

I’m trying to implement online multiplayer and it seems the project is already setup to use EOS, however while I was migrating to the EOS subsystem from the Null subsystem I hit my stalemate. Where the hell does the project handle logging into EOS. If at all?

Every time the player tries do do something online, ie. Start the game or start an online session - an error shows up saying “Login failure - not implemented” or something, with an error in the console saying it can’t login because no credentials were provided.

Would really appreciate you touching on this topic :slight_smile:


I do have a few questions:

  1. What steps are necessary to enable Lyra with EOS to use dedicated servers? Since there’s no active user, how would this work? A high-level overview would suffice. The Common Session Subsystem seems to depend on a user to be present, so my assumption is that I would need to handle the session creation myself, e.g. in AGameSession::RegisterServer. Would that work? Is there anything to look out for in regards to EOS?

  2. Will projectile-based weapons be implemented soon? I found some conditional checks in the C++ code that hint at the fact that either this will be implemented at some point. Or maybe it was part of the code at some point?

  3. Can you put the project GitHub on GitHub so we can implement our own changes but still have a the possibility to upgrade to future releases?


supper exited to watch im in and out i got a friend of my sister here and she had elbow whatever but yeah ive been playing with lyra some its defanitly the playground i want maybe if you could help me learn or add a dage roll or fps not 3rd person really just the start and tool i need you all have already its my own hard work aprehntchen and life or whatever you all are great thanks

It would be good if there was a tutorial series of someone modding Lyra into a game of a different genre; showing how the whole project and its features can be repurposed.

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When viewing and modifying the data, it’s fragmented into a lot of assets, making it tedious to navigate between all of them.
Could an in engine window be made to modify and create new data assets in a more centralized editor? Something like Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2 object editor, but maybe data segmented by asset it derives from.


Thanks for all these livestreams, they are usually very valuable.

That being said, this one here is a unwatchable mess. Does anyone at epic even watch these before putting it up there?

It would be great to hear more from the engineering side at epic. Very few information out there for best practice implementations like the GAS for example. Why do we hear so little from all these great people who set up these systems?

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the Lyra project and these videos, every time I see a Lyra video posted I always learn a ton. I’m still a rookie at this but being able to look through a working project and see how it all goes together is really helpful, plus the videos of how to modify and add new weapons and abilities is incredibly helpful.
Keep up the great work and keep adding to Lyra and making videos about how it works and how to customize.

Any chance you could guide me in the direction id need to go in to have lyra based map instanced experiences appear on the landscape in designated and sectioned parts of the map; is it even possible for something like the Elimination game mode to be spawned into lets say a part of a forest landscape map and used in that area in particular and it ends once youve left the radius or finished it off like how some games treat spawned small focused game events, is that something the experience tool can provide being swapped around like that in real runtime?

Any chance someone or soemthing can cover how to setup enhanced inputs so each trigger type can be used; i cant seem to figure out how to trigger each and every trigger type or at the very least, the hold and release; hold and pressed individually; so i can have at least 3 types of inputs per button

Why does the Lyra Experience Definition have an “Actions” array and a “Actions Sets” list?
Can’t the Actions Sets array be left out? Since we can set “Actions” and “Game Features to Enable” inside the Experience Definition itself.

Did anyone else understand what Michael Noland was describing? I’d like to be able to talk in a manner which deals with game development teamwork, but I wasn’t understanding him.

I did it! I got my head around what Michael was saying. I am really excited about Lyra and thank you so much for releasing all the code and assets. This is one reason I moved to Unreal. Once I got into the flow of Michael, he made so much sense.

Hey. I thought Principle Engineer was a great position… But if Michael Noland can improve even more, then… OMG!! :exploding_head: