Inside Unreal: ChunkDownloader Explained

Michael Prinke is back on Inside Unreal to talk to us about the ChunkDownloader! We’ll walk you through how to do a basic setup of ChunkDownloader, and why you’d use it. We’ll be covering how to break up assets into Pak files, how to integrate ChunkDownloader into your GameInstance, and how to test out the system on your local machine.

Thursday, February 18 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Michael Prinke - Technical Writer - @Mike_Prinke](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

ChunkDownloader Documentation
Project Files (requires Forum log-in)

ChunkDownloader Explained | Inside Unreal - YouTube


man i cant wait to download some chunks!

this is chunkmazing!

I was having some problem with versioning to git, because a Level was exceeding the maximum file size. Will this session give me an alternate way to break it up into smaller chunks and be able to upload it? That would be amazing!

Not for your project files, but for your packaged game files.



Please touch on the scenario in which chunks are hosted on the cloud where a user needs to be authenticated prior.
For example in Playfab, the user might need to first authenticate with Playfab and request for a user-specific signed URL to download that chunk which could be valid for only 1 day.

Use cases could be paid DLCs which are gated behind proofs of purchase.

Thank you

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Where can I find the example project use in the stream and when the documentation page is going to be update? Thanks !

Project files can now be downloaded here (requires you to be logged in to the Forums):

Thanks for the support!

Hi I was working on this fantastic tutorial. I was able to get basics working but I am running into few issues.

  1. In the demo after the package all chunks are going to packaged folder. @Michael is deleting those chunks in demo video before running chuck downloader. In the mobile package, all chunks are going to apk or ipa file which I am unable to delete. How to tell the engine not to include downloadable chunks in the package so paks can be shipped from the server? For example: chuck0 to keep is package but chunk1001 and chunk1002 from server.
  2. For updating chunks or already download content, do I need to increment or update the build-id to make it a chunk downloader to detect new changes and redownload and mount new chunks or something more than that?

hi there, and thank you for ur awesome plugin and demonstration of how to using it
i create the batch script for generating BuildManifest, with this batch script u can easily and automatically create build manifest based on ur chunk files
u just need to put .bat file inside ur pack folder and open it
i hope this can help u guys


hi there,
i hope this help u
for android mobile packaging, u should not package the game inside apk, u can use generate chunks, and it will package ur game based on chunks into .obb files
then u can deside witch chunk file u want to give it to end user
and if u want to ship it into google play, u should use google pad plugin

Please can you make the project files available the link does not work or the files where removed

I verified the files are still accessible - you have to be logged in to the Forum to access the initial link posted in the OP.

I am trying to access the project but it is not available.
error message i am getting is " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
Is the project still available for public?

you need to be logged in to the UE forums then the link works. The project is on box.

Thanks @BlueMind_Studio . i was clicking on the Project files link in the main post and it was taking me to “” and not Box link. Your link worked.
If admins can update the main post with correct link then others may not get this issue again.

Please don’t link that here. It’s gated behind the asset sharing forum for a reason! (I edited it)

@anonymous_user_7630c29c1 Are you unable to access this link when you’re logged in to the Forums?

Now i can access it, earlier it was not accessible. It said " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private"