Inside Unreal: Animating with the Control Rig Sample Project

Control Rig is a scriptable rigging system that is based on Blueprint and is mainly designed for controlling properties to drive animation. This week on Inside Unreal Helge and Jeremiah will break down the Mannequin Control Rig example from the Marketplace, show how to use Control Rig with Sequencer to animate a character, give tips on how to debug your rigs, and show how the concepts can be used in production. They’ll also answer some frequently asked questions and give us a brief overview on things to look forward to in 4.26.

Thursday, July 30 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Jeremiah Grant - Product Designer
Helge Mathee - Senior Engine Programmer
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Sample Project

Animating with the Control Rig Sample Project | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Oh hell yeah

I write these descriptions, and sometimes I think “I can’t put my hype into these words”. So thanks for bringing it!

This is Amazing!

OMG, i didnt even knew this was possible… thanks! The last 2 months i started to get into making games, i made a few, but i first tried all engines, gamemaker studio 2, unity, and finally Unreal4, i wanted to make a 2d platformer, but my 2d art skill is ■■■■… but then i started to use blender, and made a 4million polygon mesh in sculpting… which i animated and imported to unreal… my 16gb ram were at max but i could move and run!! it felt awesome… after some time i figgured out how to shrink the size down, im still at 100k but at least its not as expensive now… i really need nanite, so i can use all of its glory! ;D i searched for animating in ue4 but at that time i was still at learning how to use anim blueprints. So thank all at EPIC for helping with developing games!!!

Power of python <3.

is it possible to use a control rig as a top layer to just adjust and modify an existing animation ?
can the mapped control rig controllers changed during run time to control different bones ?
can i use the control rig in vr to manipulate a character ?
can i retarget a control rig to another control rig for similar skeleton ?
is it planned to use the control rig to affect the full body ik that will be added in the ue4 4.26?
is it possible to do squash and stretch in the control rig ?
is it possible to do matching to the ik fk controllers when switching between them ?
can i constrine a bone to a particle or a clothe surface in the controle rig ?
can i make the controle rig affected by the dynamic system like the rig doll ?

+100 to all faycal’s questions.

Can it also be put up on Youtube after recording? I like to download videos and learn from them during my commute on the train. Mobile internet is super expensive and slow here …
Also some questions:
I do a lot of mechanical rigging in Modo, would it be possible to make the different tools used in the rig available as regular rigging tools?
Things like an aim/target-constraint without the use of Physics would be very helpful. (maybe it already exists, don’t know, I am pretty new to UE4)

How long can you make IK-chains? ( I see two and an effector bone…)

Is there also an advanced IK-system?

Are you guys going to talk about Ozone? ()

I’ve asked these questions a long time ago as suggested by the developers. No answers yet. Maybe I’ll get those answers in this video.

Good Luck to Me.


Super, I’ve been animate with Blender and sometime it can be a pain in the a**. Doing everything in one place is a something i want Unreal to be in the future:).

So will the live stream be on next thursday?

Hey is it possible to use a line by trace and expose the effectors as pins into a vector param for procedural movement. And also additive animation like leaning and potentially a crouching animation that is driven by a bezier curve for squash and stretch. Also could you use morph targets or pose assets with control rig say you had a control rig running a predictive foot placement system could you use a morph target on the arms etc to control the amount arms and other parts whilst this is happening. Sorry for the mumbo jumbo just have been using control rig etc for about 4 months. P.s speed warping?

Almost Unreal is AWESOME

I’m new to unreal but why they chose A-post rather than T-post (any benefit)?

the last Days i looked for some Options and now this… Great.

Love that all the videos are posted to YT, but searching… **Inside Unreal **403 videos. A general search narrows it down, but daaaamn.

Fantastic news, hope this livestream cleared the last questions of that, go forward with this amazing plugin, im very interested.
Have try a few tests with this, but no find really a goal.

awesome! keep up bro!!!