Inside Unreal: Animating with Control Rig in 4.26

Let’s explore the latest animation features available in Control Rig for Unreal Engine 4.26! The team will cover updates to the Control Rig Mannequin Sample that’s available on the Marketplace, rig sharing with Control Rig Components and Setup Graphs, attaching multiple Control Rigs for animation authoring, Slope Warping breakdown with post-process Control Rigs, driving Control Rig animation from gameplay, and exploring the meerkat demo!

Thursday, February 4 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Helge Mathee - Senior Engine Programmer
Jeremiah Grant - Product Designer - @Jeremiah3d
Greg Richardson - Product Specialist - @GregoryRich19
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

Control Rig Mannequin Sample

Animating with Control Rig in 4.26 | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Asset Manager Explained: Ben Zeigler will walk us through how to… Etc. But, it links to this Control Rig page That is from the Featured Content links in the launcher if it was not clear

Yep, link in launcher is wrong, should be Inside Unreal: Asset Manager Explained - Events - Unreal Engine Forums

dafaq wrong title, clickbait


Thank you for the heads-up, folks! The error with the links has now been resolved :slight_smile:

Will the demos from the talk be integrated into the sample? Especially the rig sharing by using the controlRig component would be handy! And I’m sure a lot of people want the pic scene too :wink:

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I’m also looking to make use of the rig sharing / setup logic. I’m confused as to why it’s present in the video but not present in the actual sample.

@VictorLerp , can you make the slope warping demo project from this stream available? It’s really hard to follow along with that segment without being able to examine how it’s set up in detail. Thanks.

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The slope warping demo for the livestream was produced for a high-level view. We’re working on a complete sample that’ll be made available to you through the Learn tab on the Launcher.

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I want to make the rig sharing sample in the live stream, but I found the neck of Narbash is a bit different from the skeletal mesh after mapping to the control rig.

I think maybe it’s because of the init rotation of neck_02 bone, which does not have a correspondent controller in the control rig. How can I fix this problem?

Thank you guys.