Inside Unreal: A Guided Tour of Gameplay Abilities

This week on Inside Unreal, Technical Writer Michael Prinke will guide us through a tour of the Gameplay Ability System! We’ll set up Graystone from Paragon with a couple of gameplay abilities in the Third-Person template. The project sample will be made available soon after the livestream!

Thursday, January 14 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Michael Prinke - Technical Writer - @Mike_Prinke](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Project Files (log in to the Forums for access)
Gameplay Ability System Documentation
Gameplay Abilities in Action RPG
Follow Up Q&A from Dave Ratti



Looking forward to this one!:cool: Hopefully there’ll be time on the stream to implement various abilities.

We were waiting for this. GAS is a powerful system that deserves more attention :slight_smile:
Thank you!

wow ! that a good news i also do this.

I have recently been learning the Gameplay Abilities System in the last month or so, and have put in many many hours of learning. This is the most incredible system ever. I have only scratched the surface. I have a suggestion/request. During the stream can we Make sure to go through the exact 1,2,3 step system to implement. I am fully aware on how I am using the system because I have spent so much time learning. But the absolute most difficult part about trying to figure out how the system works is the fact that there is no real place in documentation or UE4 learning Video on base set up. I have learned how to set mine up through C++. The hard part was actual figuring out that I needed ability components first, then needed to build attributes, after that then give the attributes, then set up gameplay events/abelites… this was an example of my points of struggle as a noob. As far as ActionRPG this is great resource and really is beneficial, but truly only after you can get a grasp on the very simple set up process. ActionRPG is rather large and daunting at first and really hard to get the basics from. Hope that might give some helpful Ideas. Epic Love. And thank you so much for the great opportunities, And incredibly Hard Work as always!


YAY! I’m really looking forward to this and I also hope that we can go through (or more like focus on) the setup process of GAS (what has to be added in C++ (should I add the component to a Character or the Player Controller? Pros and cons for these?), what can be done in Blueprints instead of C++, what else is needed for it to work in multiplayer etc.). I’d join [USER=“414455”]Game Dev_onian[/USER] as I also think that this is the missing link for most of us to get going with the Gameplay Ability System - the ActionRPG tutorial gave us a good grasp of what is in the system and what it can do but there is absolutely no proper tutorial on how to set the system up for our own projects.

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Thank you very much for this and in particular for sharing the project with us.

Thanks again!

Finally. I’d love know some of the best practices and general guidelines of how to set up and organize the system.

[USER=“414455”]Game Dev_onian[/USER] @are you guys aware of existance of this doc: GitHub - tranek/GASDocumentation: My understanding of Unreal Engine 5's GameplayAbilitySystem plugin with a simple multiplayer sample project. ? Seems like you missed it…


So looking forward to this <3

This will be a popular topic, I can tell. Looking forward to the video.

Amazing ! I hope he’s going to show some multiplayer concept

Great Stuff. I’ve been diving into the subject in the last couple weeks.
Looking forward to this!

Perfect timing! I just started looking into implementing it into my game

Awesome, looking forward to this. This system is fairly well documented except for properly implementing prediction and multiplayer stuff. Really hoping they get past all the basics and at least touch a little on multiplayer… Either way, exciting!

I missed it as well! Thanks for sharing the info!

perfect thank you!!! more learning :slight_smile: these past two months have been insane i love unreal engine

Very excited about this one.

Just a quick request if you guys can make sure we can watch the stream at lower resolution like 360P.
Some of us or stuck on mobile data at the moment and it would be too expensive for us to watch at 1080 or 720 P
Thank you!!!

how and where can we get the project files before the stream…it still says soon