Inside of my building does not get enough light

For some reason with a directional light and sky light I cant get much light inside my building. This building has 1 open cavity, and multiple transparent windows.

Any suggestions?

Check the various lighting related threads in the arcviz forum section. They have some pretty good examples of what different settings do and can give you some idea what to work on.

Sorry I should have added that this is for an open world environment with indoors and outdoors. I want to minimize the use of spotlights and other lighting sources away from directional and skylight.

And materials get this weird grey overlay for some reason

Bump, any help resolving these issues is much appreciated.

A skylight could help you… but know look at this:

This light is called GI but this one right here is faked. I just placed a light at the bright not shadow part.
If you dont have a daynightcycle… wich i assume since you use baked light… then you just place lights with no shadows and a high rough value and fake the light bounce.

Lightmass should include GI automatically (referred to as diffuse interreflection in the docs), so if you use baked lighting you shouldn’t need to do the whole faux bounce light thing.

It will eventually have a daynight cycle… it is open world env. Id rather not have to fake the lighting in every single little enterable building.

youre materials are wrong. check them. even if the light is low, they should not turn to grey.

I think that the “gray overlay” is actually a reflection. See if placing a Sphere Reflection Capture Actor in the building fixes that.

Turns out it was a metallic value not set which was causing the issue!