Insert Static Meshes Quick

Hello i have make this LAndscape now, and i want to insert Gras. I get this Mesh Grass free on the Marketplace.

But what is the fastest way to splant it “random” on the Landscape, i must drag and drop every Single Mesh on tthe Landscape. Thank you.

I see you want to add these grases on your landscape map really quickly, first you need to copy only one then duplicate from edit from the left side, then select multiple grases and spawn it again in other location, also you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Looks like the Foliage Tool is the tool of your choice. You should search for Foliage and will find lot of information on that. Good starting point: Foliage Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you Guys! You are very nice!

Ok i see my Mistake now. It would be more clever to plant the Grass while the Landscape is flat right? Because if i copy and paste it wont fit mostly

Hi, copy and past is a bad idea, since it then won’t align automatically to the landscape. Also for grass you would rather use an instanced static meshes, instead of static meshes for each grass mesh.
Generally if you want many grass instances and don’t care too much about their exact placement, then you could/would use the landscape grass type (saves the placement of the grass into textures that have the same resolution of the landscape and therefore gives you a precision of 1 square meter).

If you want exact control about the placement, then use the foliage tool. That way you save the placement (transform) of each grass instance which enables you to place them precisely (but saving millions or billions of transforms might be a bad idea memory wise and in that case you would rather use the landscape grass).

In some rare circumstances (e. g. maybe placing some hero tree) you can also place them manually as a static mesh.
And I would suggest that you go step by step through this here Grass Quick Start in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation and also take a look at the link @herb64 posted above.

Thank you!