Input not working on AICharacter

So I find this very annoying, this kinda stuff keeps bugging me in UE4 and stuff that should take 5 seconds to create sometimes takes way longer because of these kind of issues… When I want input to a certain actor, and I specifically choose to enable that. I want it to work. And not have to search the forums for some hidden settings that I need to change before this simple stuff is working…

I have an AICharacter that I want to respond to mouse clicks for a prototype to check out ue4 path-finding. I want the AICharacter to do something on mouse click or at least do something on input.

So I set the character to auto receive input to player 0. When I do this, I want the character to receive input from player 0, because that is what I specifically did there. But off-course it is not working… So I roam the forums and find I have to enable input. Ok seems logical, even though auto receive input sounds like it automatically receives input. But no it doesn’t. So I add Enable input. Still doesn’t work. Roaming the forums, only finding questions with no answers, or the same answers again and again. Still doesn’t work. 30 min later I still do not have a simple input from a mouse click. I write a question on the forums and here we are. 45 min later. Still no freaking mouse click.

Now probably 5 hours later I get an answer if I am lucky. But maybe nobody will respond. So I might not have a mouse click in 5 days.

Not that I do not know my way around this. It probably will work in the playercontroller. So I can goto the player controller, connect all AICharacter or search through classes and find them. And then send the input from the playercontroller to the AICharacter. But this is an ugly solution. It is not a problem for now because I am prototyping anyway. But I just want to make a point, why the hell does this have to be so tedious… Look at the following image, the hello print is never executed. This doesn’t seem logical at all to me… I love UE4 and everything it can do but sometimes it can be really annoying in getting the simple stuff to work.

As I expected, doing this in the playercontroller works fine. Still no clue why it doesn’t work directly in the AICharacter…