Input for VIVE


My client has just switched to VIVE and it seems the HMD tracking aswell as other inputs are not working except the movement ones.

I have a dk2 and the bp is set for that.

I would appreciate if someone could point out how to set the bp for VIVE controllers input.


Hey Robbie222,

Without seeing your setup, it sounds like you are missing a Motion Controller input component. You can read more about how to setup Motion Controllers using the following link.

If you have any problems please let me know.



Hey Sam Deiter.

my project with steamVP has a error:“Could not find a function named “GetHandPositionAndOrientation” in ‘VivePlayerPawn’”.
But,I sure i have selected the SteamVR and HMD sections.

Please help me, thank you very much!

zhangzemin from China.

You’ll need to add two Vive motion controller components to your pawn, then set one to left and the other to right in the details panel and probably add a mesh to each so they can be seen