Input as a reference for custom AnimGraph node?

Hi! I’ve written my own AnimGraph node. It’s purpose is to get current bone location. However, I would like to use this location whenever I want, not only inside this node logic. If you think I can use sockets, please read carefully my question. I need a bone location extracted from anywhere inside my anim graph logic. Like after some Cache and before IK.

  1. My first approach was to create an input node as a reference, attach some variable to it and change it inside custom node logic. However, it seems impossible to make UPROPERTY as a reference variable. For functions, one can make a variable reference input with UPARAM(ref). I did some experiments, like manually declaring FVector& Location, but reference member of a class requires initialization before constructor and “Location” once initialized did not use variable attached to the input pin.

  2. I don’t see a way to output any variable from AnimNode. There is this topic
    But the problem is unanswered and even if it was possible, I still cannot use it outside AnimGraph, I mean look at this picture:

If you know smart workaround I would like to know it :slight_smile: Or correct me if I did something wrong.
In the end I need a bone location after animation is taken into account, but before IK.

I guess I can parse as an input a reference to object, like anim blueprint itself, and with that reference I can modify all variables I want.