InoVivox- UE5 Vivox voice chat blueprint integration

InoVivox integrate the latest version of Vivox SDK (currently 5.19) in the VivoxCore Plugin for Unreal engine 5 blueprint.

Vivox is one of the powerful and best Voice chat services in the game industry.

games like Pubg, Standoff2, Valorant and other AAA games uses Vivox voice chat.

I expose the latest SDK and plugin of the Vivox that includes all the latest features.
like text to speech, speech to text, group text chat, direct text chat and not only 3d and 2d voice chat.

I’m currently wondering, if there is someone who interested in this. if there is i continue to work on it, and complete the integration and expose everything to BP.
if someone is interested please let me know here, or join discord.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
right now i published it open source on the git-hub

Inoland Discord Channel

Vivox is completely free to sign up and download plugin and SDK and also use in production.

just for production use limited to 5,000 PCU. for pricing visit Vivox developer portal.

Attention: for using this plugin you need VivoxCore plugin and also account at Vivox developer portal(but all is free). InoVivox its only exposing the VivoxCore for blueprint. InoVivox is fully functional and exposed to blueprint only for VoiceChat and TextChat(for the exact exposed features check the Technical information Features section). Exposing rest of the systems and interfaces to blueprint still is WIP(for the exact WIP features check the Technical information WIP Features section).

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