Inline JPG/GIF/video hosted externally now just show a link to the file

In a lot of my posts, I use inline images hosted on my external site (or e.g. Imgur) to reduce the burden on Epic servers (haha) and to ensure they’re not downsampled, lost in a forum upgrade (the irony), etc.

After the forum upgrade, these external images are no longer shown inline, but are simply hyperlinks to the images.

See for example:

(On a side note, the preview of that thread shows the GIF at the top of the first post! But when loading the full thread, the inline GIFs, JPGs, and PNGs are just links.)

Please help! :slight_smile:

It’s not an answer on your question. But I recommend to embed the images in the Posts. Statistics shows that external links die much often than embedded ones.

Ofc if you can edit the posts (I’ve read some people are unable to do so).

Hey @acatalept - thank you for the report! We’ve passed that along to see if we can get previews for your images/GIFs working correctly.

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Not sure if this will help anyone, but for those of my posts where there was simply a URL pointing to the image, I was able to just click the Edit button, then click Save, and all the images loaded in the edited post.

However, for any images that had text or more complex BBCode, I generally had to go in and clean up the markdown (i.e. we’re not getting a direct one-to-one translation from the old forum data).

Would it still be possible to fix and re-translate all the forum posts en masse? Perhaps some testing and revision to the import process can be done, then reimport all posts that haven’t been added or edited since the new forum went live?

I only had a few topics that I went ahead and revised manually, but I’ve come across quite a few older (now broken) topics that aren’t mine…