Initial rotation for Pawn changing when adding HandleStartingNewPlayer event to graph in Blueprints

As the title says, when the event HandleStartingNewPlayer is added to a GameModeBase (or GameMode) derived class blueprint graph, the client Pawn spawns with a different rotation than the one given to the spawn function in the graph. It seems to be always p = 0.0, r = 0.0, y = 0.0, despite using the current rotation of the player start (in this case p = 0.0, r = 0.0, y = 90.0). This only happens to a client and only if replicating the movement, since the pawn replicated pawn in each client does not do this. Same thing happens in a listen server situation.

I tested this also with the Multiplayer Shootout exemple and got the same results.

Just to reiterate, no code is added to the event HandleStartingNewPlayer, just adding its node to override it is enough to break this.

Any help is apreciated!