Initial problems and Editor crash

It might just be due to ignorance but my first experience with Unreal engine has been horrible. I can clearly see how the engine is powerful and fully capable of meeting and exceeding most game development standards but I am 2 hours into my first project and i have managed to crash the editor. I can no longer open the editor and am now left having to debug on my own without it and hopefully get my simple project working again.

What exactly did you do before it started crashing? What does the crash reporter say? Install debug symbols so that you get the full stack trace after the crash in the reporter.

More info please. I am experiencing high cpu use but stability so far. When it first installed, it was rendering a lot of textures. Maybe there is something going on under the hood causing this.

I would just like to apologize for 1) my late answer and 2) for my flaming post. I was as you can tell rather upset at the time as the program wasn’t working. I was later able to fix the issue but unfortunately i cannot remember how… All i remember is that the engine was pretty much fresh out of the box so to speak and the crashing was probably caused by a compilation error due to bad coding on my part. What was weird was that the whole editor always crashed on startup from the time of the incident, causing me to create a new project. Thank you for trying to help my anyways and i will make sure to keep my posts less “heated” in the future. Also if there is a “mailing list” or something to recieve notifications when one of my posts get answered i will make sure to subscribe to it.

Did these crashed occur at around 45% on project loadup?
If so, thats the time when shaders are compiled if necessary. (Engine fresh out of the box…)
Somehow shader compilation drives my CPU temps abnormally high. 30deg Celsius above normal UE4 editor usage load.
Just a thought, but check your taskmanager for ShaderCompileWorker threads and watch your CPU tems if there is a correlation…

If it was just a coding snafu on the other hand, have you tried to recreate your project files? Sometimes the precompiled headers get messed up on crashes…

If someone quotes you, or mentions you there will be a red bubble, top right corner. Like right now. We all get ticked without the event. I’m sure I have crashed my editor 100 times. It restarts, or I reload it, or I re download it, or I upgrade it.

Thank you for your response! Unfortunately i cannot remember the details of the crash, i made this post rather irresponsibly and didn’t really expect a response (for some reason)… However it’s good to know that the issue wasn’t a rare one and that perhaps there are solutions. I remember it being due to bad programming of an asset on my part. I will surely bring this up again if i experience the problem again. Again, thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I see! :slight_smile: I noticed the notification this time. It’s comforting to know that editor crashes can be fixed (mine was persistent between restarts) since losing all progress would be a nightmare. Thank you for your reply thadkinsjr! My bad first experience with the engine has certainly been compensated with the reception from the people here at the forum. At the moment I am truly enjoying the engine’s many features, especially the physics asset at the moment :slight_smile: I will probably be back soon with more questions :slight_smile: Is there any way i can mark this post as solved/ archive it :)? (I will also change the title if i am able to…).

First, if you are coding in C++ the editor is the result of a compilation and until you fill confortable doing coding, you should put the editor online using the F5 inside Visual Studio, so if the crash happens you can nail the point easily. Second, there are few issues you may face not doing what I have told before, because sometimes the hot-reload function (when you click compile button while inside the editor it is supposed to hot-reload changes) won’t update variables inside blueprints, visibility of events or new data types or something else, needing in the end the completely restart of editor. Experience is all, I found myself frustated in the begining, even being a C++ programmer for more than 20 years.

Good tip! It might save me some future headaches :slight_smile: Yes i feel more comfortable with the engine each day, I’m a prior Unity user so there’s a bit of knowledge to transfer in addition to the switch from c# to c++. I haven’t done much c++ but have a fair amount of experience with c#, hopefully there won’t be too big of a gap between them.

It is natural we feel confortable with the tools we are used to, I came from exactly the opposite direction, I started C++ in 1992 and C# in 2002, so Im quite used with both, but Im still more confortable with the first one :slight_smile: … and yeah yeah I know Im old…

Haha yes that is true! Don’t fret, age is but a number right? :wink:
Btw if anyone knows how to change the title of a post i would love to change this one to something more suiting, as well as archive it (mark it as answered or such) to save up on the forum’s space :slight_smile:

Just edit the first post and you are able to change including the title.

I don’t think they implemented the functionality for users to change the title of their own posts yet.

Oh I guess it only works in the MP section then… because there I can change!

Ok! Well thank you anyways.

Myself or any moderators can change the title if you’d like. Just let us know what you were thinking. Thanks

p.s. - I’m glad you overcame the initial challenge you experienced. I hope the rest goes smoother for you.

Yes i think : “Initial problems and Editor crash” would be a more suitable title. It would be great If you could change that for me :slight_smile:
p.s. I’ve only become more interested in the engine since I started this topic and I also recently started a game project using Unreal Engine, we’ll see how it goes; looking good so far.
Thank you all for your replies.

You will see it becomes more and more interesting as you see how far it can go :wink:

renamed. Cheers!