Inifinity blade particle assets fail to load


I am interested in using super cool and free of charge infinity assets. So I downloaded them via epic launcher. After they downloaded I added them to one of my 4.9 projects. After I open it, i see in content browser infinity blade folder structure. But when I click on ANY asset (texture, static mesh, particle effect) it doesn’t launch (for example particle effect editor doesn’t show up) and I get “failed to load asset” error dialog. There are no other messages in Message Log.

Guys, this happens to You also? Did You manage to make it work?

cheers :wink:

Hi Buyaka,

I would like to look into this further for ya. While I am checking this out to see if I am receiving the same issue, can you tell me if you are using a Mac or PC? This will help me narrow down where the problem is located.

Hello Reubitron,

after restarting UE editor it started to work somehow, so right now this is resolved. Thanks for Your time.