Inheriting ACameraActor results in compile error

Hi guys, I am just inheriting ACameraActor. I haven’t added anything custom yet. The problem is when I am building the project it says that virtual void ACameraActor::Serialize(FArchive& Archive) is not resolved. I tried overriding it by just calling the Super::Serialize(FArchive& Archive), but it’s the same. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

You probably don’t need to inherit from this particular actor, since it’s simple “wrapper” to place camera right in the level, if you want to write custom logic for camera component, inherit from the component and add to your actor or if you want implement something like AMyCameraActor :slight_smile:

But now to your problem, ACameraActor’s UCLASS has MinimalAPI specifier, which means it does not export all the methods of the class, only those required by the UObject system. It means that you can’t inherit from it outside of its module - Engine. There might be some workarounds, but i am not familiar with those.

Actually I was wondering what this MinimalAPI specifier is. Thanks for the advise mate. I guess I am gonna inherit UCameraComponent and do some stuff.