Inheritance issue when upgrading UE version

Hi! I noticed that when migrating my project to another computer and upgrading WWise as well as the engine and VS on said PC, I am getting the following error:

 Error: /Script/MyProject.InventoryComponent's superclass must be /Script/Engine.ActorComponent, not /Script/MyProject.PlayerComponent

InventoryComponent inherits from PlayerComponent, which inherits from ActorComponent, so this was never a problem prior - anyone know what could be the problem? Thank you in advance.

Do PlayerComponent exists? can you see it in class viewer? (Window->Devlopment Tools->Class Viewer) is it C++ project if yes do PlayerComponent is C++ class?

It actually appears to be missing from the class viewer! It is in the editor content browser.

it is C++ project then? did you did any renaming? do you compiled properly? There also potential reference issues, before migrating you should fix refrences by right clicking content directory in editor and fix up refrences

Yes, no, yes. It compiles fine for my teammates, so I dont think there are any problems in the actual source. Can you be more specific on that procedure of fixing the references? Thanks for your efforts, by the way!

“Fix up redirectors” But you need to do it in machine you migrate from then migrate again. but i kind of not sure if this gonna work, but always worth a try.

Maybe explain how you migrated the project step by step, since there many things that may failed

I got onto the other computer,m which had a very old version of the project. I updated it via source control (perforce), updated the engine version and updated wwise as well as substance.

which old engine version?

From v18 to v20

I ended up reseting the repository and I also had the wrong WWise version installed. Overall, I am not sure exactly what resolved the issue and why UE could not compile my script. Hope this still helps someone.

Issue was resolved - thank you for your help ! I wish I knew more as to what the exact issue was.