Inheritance C++ and Blueprints in Parallel

We have a GameMode C++ class, and then have some child classes in C++ that inherit from that game mode base.

We want to have the same parallel structure in the blueprints.
Thus a blueprint that is base on out GameMode C++ bas class, and then a blueprint that has the base blueprint as a parent, but is based on the child GameMode C++ class.

Is this possible?

Like this

MyBaseGameMode.cpp ==> MyFPSGameMode.cpp
          V             V
MyBaseGameModeBP ==> MyFPSGameModeBP

No, classes in UE4 are like tree from single root with branches that can not combine back. C++ supports multi inheritance but blueprint and UE4 reflection system as well as UObject environment don’t, so it won’t work with C++ in UE4 either.

Only thing you can put in to consideration is interfaces, depending what you really want to do. They can related unrelated classes so if you want to have common functions you might figure something out