Inherit Parent Velocity cascade particle glitch?

I’m having trouble when trying to use inherit parent velocity in a particle system. For the most part, it does what I want and shoots the particles back even when the object it is attached too is moving at a high speed. The problem is that a a crazy particle will shoot out occasionally. Also the particles seem to stretch, but that’s a minor issue. I’ll upload a video showing this.

Not sure if this is something I can fix or if it is just a glitch I have to deal with

This is probably just a glitch you may have to deal with…

I would recommend using Local Space for that emitter and giving it some relative velocity, rather than inheriting velocity.

Hello, I’m the tech working on the same project as Shane (the thread OP), and I wanted to post the workaround for this issue for anyone having the same problem.

note: our project is in UE 4.13

I added an additional initial velocity parameter to the particle system (still in world space), and passed the parent object’s velocity into it manually



and the result: