Inherit Character class in C++ between 2 plugin

I have 2 plugin and in plugin has character class in c++, i want combine 2 char class to 1. 2 char class direc child of ACharacter, how i can do that.

While multiple inheritance available in c++, in this exact case, in UnrealEngine it’s disabled for uobjects. I’m not completely aware about the exact reasons, but you can see this error message if you’ll try to do it:
error : Implements: Class %ParentClass2% is not an interface; Can only inherit from non-UObjects or UInterface derived interfaces

This is where Components (UActorComponent) comes in play: you supposed to pack logic of one or serveral of your parents into components, which can be added to any actors without inheritance.

Multiple inheritance like this doesn’t work in “regular” C++ either. Think about it: Which version of “Tick()” would be called, if both classes override it?

To get the behavior of two different subclasses of the same superclass (such as in this case,) you need to create a third class, and copy the bits of behavior you want, from each of those original classes. Because each of the classes didn’t consider the needs of the other, there’s no way to “magically merge” them and “just know” what the right thing to do is, in each case. You have to tell the computer what you want there.