Information of a staticmesh through c++(Need help from epic)

Is there anyway from where I could get information about the triangles of an staticmesh through c++

Each model is made of a number of triangles is there anyway by which I could get all the information of all the vertices of all the triangles present in a static mesh.

Currently I am working on an awesome plugin I have written the algorithms for it all I need to make it complete is to get information of all the triangles present in a static mesh to complete it.

It will be really helpful if some one from epic could answer it. I searched the StatichMesh.h class and other related classes but couldn’t find any information regarding what I was searching.


as reference you can look on :

bool FMeshUtilities::BuildStaticMesh(
	FStaticMeshRenderData& OutRenderData,
	TArray<FStaticMeshSourceModel>& SourceModels,
	const TArray<UMaterialInterface*>& Materials,
	const FStaticMeshLODGroup& LODGroup

In MeshUtilities.cpp

I also found a similar thing inside StaticMesh.cpp

But the code is really vast. It would be better if some one from epic could pin point out the exact place where I could look to it.

I got something related to triangles inside the staticmesh.h and cpp but trying finding exactly what I need may take a lot of time.

I did find something called RawMeshBulkData Lets see what I can do.

Actually I found something in RawMesh.h might do the work

No I hit a problem some of the data in it is


The module I am going to create is a editor only thing but I want to test it before implementing it. Are there any hacks to access
in game?

Did you ever get this sorted? I am in a similar position. At run time I need to get the vertices, triangles, normals & UVs of a mesh; apply some processing; then rebuild a static mesh from them. Getting the data and rebuilding looks extremely undocumented, is it even possible?

I’m currently thinking that I need to use a USkeletalMesh instead.

Take a look at this

I didn’t use it yet but this gives a solution. This didn’t give a method to access the triangles yet. Hope you can find something. Also it would be helpful if you can link here how you did it.

I am in a similar position. Although I am using a skeletal mesh, it stores the model in a similar way. I’ve gotten verticies, and found ‘RawIndicies’ but have yet to find proper triangle information. That is based around the class
For example in the first person template:
TArray TrianglePoints; Mesh1P->SkeletalMesh->GetImportedResource()->LODModels[0].GetVertices(TrianglePoints);
TrianglePoints[Index].Position for the verticies
Although a confusing read, i got the information from here: